BellaMommie Maternity

Massage, yoga, & aquatic bodywork for birth, bonding & recovery. Develop body awareness, stress & pain relief.

Prenatal, postnatal & labor support.  Doula Services Available.  Private, couples & groups. 

AshiBliss Deep Relaxation

Barefoot deep pressure massage on our own design AshiBliss Tables & Salves, customized for total relaxation.  

"An incomparably deep relaxation massage.  Not painful like deep tissue therapy."

Massage + Yoga Balancing

Individual customized massage & yoga therapy.   A private yoga session followed by relaxing massage.

Focus on breath, health, healing and centering.   No experience required.  

Yoga available for this theme to inspire new levels of health for any age or ability.

Keep Calm Stress & Pain Relief

Dissolve the physiology of stress, anxiety and poor posture with customized relaxing massage.

Experience waves of relief. 

Yoga available for this theme to support relieving stress and burnout.


UnderPressure Sports

Maximize recovery from intense athletic activity.  A unique layer of thai, myofacial mat work followed by heat, and AshiBliss Deep Pressure.   

Pre&post event. Pain & injury recovery. Workout clothing.  No cape required. 

Yoga for this theme to improve mobilization & maximize recovery times.

Accident Recovery Medical

Repair & recover soft-tissue damage from automobile, trauma, falls & accidents.  May require prior medical diagnosis.

100% participation involves commitment to self-care program. Burst of three session Increments.  Insurance may apply with diagnosis. 


CosmicWave Aquatic Bodywork

Tension unravels and disappears.  Cosmic relief in warm water as the therapist floats, massages and moves you.  

Heavenly relief for pregnancy or spinal tension.  Bring swimsuit & towel.

Aquatic Yoga Option Available for pregnant mermaids and anyone who loves water.

Om Remedy Sound Therapy

Sound Therapy opens awareness and reduces stress.  A breakthrough strategy to stop your mind and induce profound relaxation through music and vibration and precise gentle touch of pressure points.

A new technology table using music to break the inertia in our lives.  Combined with pressure points, laser therapy,  hot towels and foot massage as needed.

Om Thai Orchestral Massage

Discover the origins and energy of natural healthy movement on our sound therapy platform table.  Listen to music and receive. A hands-on approach to release conditioned posture and tension with massage and deep yoga stretches.  Bring your playlist or enjoy our own.